VyprVPN Review

These days, you need a good VPN to get you safely from place to place online. Is Vypr that VPN? It’s somewhat unknown compared to some other VPNs on the market, but this review reveals if this is the right VPN for our readers.

vyprvpn review

What Is VyprVPN?

VyprVPN is a user-friendly and reliable VPN service. It’s not one of the most well-known, but customers feel it’s one to consider when purchasing a VPN.

However, it offers fewer features than some customers would like, especially compared to similarly-priced services.

Before diving into the features and the company, a few small issues become apparent but they’re balanced out, in our opinion, by other elements of the VPN. For example, the no-logging policy, beginner-friendly usage and Netflix compatibility.

The advanced security and encryption features are part of what balances out the negatives. Most VPNs don’t let you choose your own security and encryption protocols, but VyprVPN does. These features are in-depth, and provide more value than you’ll find in many other VPNs.

Where Is the VPN’s Jurisdiction?

VyprVPN is based in Switzerland. This is fantastic for users with privacy concerns.

Some countries have laws requiring services to store logs and data on their customers. Switzerland isn’t one of those countries, so if there’s any logging it’s at the fault of the company and not the jurisdiction.

The company states that it doesn’t collect logs on you, which is all good to claim, but can they pull through? If a third-party were to audit the company, would your data remain safe and undisclosed?

Third-Party Audits: Are You Safe?

Most VPN services will state that they don’t keep track of your browsing history or any of your personal business, but they still keep track of a few things. These companies love to claim they don’t store your data at all despite evidence otherwise. VyprVPN is yet another that makes this claim. 

Companies usually need to know your real IP address, and often want to know when you stopped and started your browsing session, too. VyprVPN claims not to do this. If this is true, that makes it an excellent VPN and is far less invasive than some other VPN companies on the market.

While the company doesn’t actively log your data, it’s also possible that some of its automated services are set up to do it instead. With VyprVPN, this is apparently, once more, not the case.

No Logs, Leaks or Trackers

As the VPN gives you a new, custom DNS, it doesn’t log or leak any of your actual DNS information.

Lastly, the company doesn’t manually or automatically track your browsing history, keeping all your secrets and surprises safe from prying eyes in or outside of the company.

However, there’s a small red flag: despite no logs in the long run, VyprVPN stores your IP and some other minor data for 30 days.

Golden Frog

VyprVPN is owned by a company called Golden Frog. While VyprVPN may not keep your data, does the owner? Again, sources say no.

Golden Frog will, of course, have some of your identifying info—name, email address, possibly your location and of course your payment details. That said, the company refuses to sell or give away this information even in civil law cases. The court must provide an order for the data before Golden Frog will give it up.

In criminal cases, Golden Frog needs a subpoena to release any of your data.

So, no matter what happens, you can be sure you’re safe with VyprVPN and Golden Frog.

Golden Frog’s Audit

Golden Frog and VyprVPN have even proven this no-log claim by undergoing a public third party audit. We can assure you, your data was safe throughout this audit as it’s been proven to collect no logs.

There are very few VPNs that have been publicly audited like this: Hotspot Shield, NordVPN and ExpressVPN come to mind, out of the many VPNs on the market.

Although, this audit was in 2018 with no updates at the time of writing in early 2021. It would be nice if we could get a more recent audit to ensure the company is still open, honest and log-free.

What Features Does VyprVPN Have to Offer?

On top of the fantastic privacy and the positive reputation, you need to know that the VPN’s features can live up to the hype.

Does VyprVPN have the basics and go above and beyond with them?


VyprVPN has one of the better security setups out there. Its encryption is industrial-strength, using smart and highly compatible protocols.

There are several ways that VPN services encrypt your data, including OpenVPN and Perfect Forward secrecy. The former is a tunneling method, the latter being a technique that has each connection using a different encryption key. 

With Perfect Forward Secrecy, if a hacker manages to grab one of the encryption keys, it won’t have access to your details every time you connect.

OpenVPN and Perfect Forward Secrecy use AES-256-GCM, SHA384 HMAC and TLS-ECDHE-RSA-2048 encryption, strong and always on the ball. Alongside those you have IKEv2 and WireGuard security protocols to avail of if you prefer.

Keeping Modern

VyprVPN is staying up to date on its security protocols and has removed its support for older methods of encryption. The methods it removed were PPTP and L2TP.

If you’re technologically challenged or just hate tech-talk, we’ll break it down to what you need to know. VyprVPN’s encryption is a highly secure and private service that will keep you safe online, time and time again.

Virtual Locations

VyprVPN offers more than a whopping 300,000 IP addresses across 700 servers. This quantity of servers isn’t great compared to some other VPNs, but it’s far, far better than others.

The servers are located across more than 70 countries worldwide.


One of the minor faults mentioned earlier comes with VyprVPN’s speeds. Now, it’s not a slow VPN despite the fact that VPNs have to slow your internet to provide their service. The issue was with the connections.

Users who tested the VPN’s speeds had connectivity issues, where the server failed to connect a few times and was slightly above average in its shortcomings. However, the number of failures still wasn’t bad for the volume of tests performed.

Connecting to the VPN has become faster in recent years, too, showing the team is always updating the tech and ensuring you get the best product they can provide.

OpenVPN Speeds

As we mentioned above, you have multiple security services you can choose from when connecting to VyprVPN. One of them is OpenVPN, and unfortunately, we have some bad news about connection speeds here.

Using OpenVPN, connection speeds weren’t terrible but they were far below the average that VPNs can typically offer. 

If you prefer the OpenVPN protocols for security and don’t value speed, then it’s fine. If you need the peak speeds available, it’s better to switch.

That said, the speeds given were far from bad with OpenVPN. They were good enough for downloading files and streaming in HD, but wouldn’t support multiple downloads or downloading while streaming.

WireGuard Speeds

WireGuard speeds were significantly better, matching the average performance given by most VPNs. There was barely any slowing using the VPN compared to using a regular, unprotected connection.

However, the speed drops considerably the further away you connect. For example, one user fired up a connection between the UK and New Zealand and got speeds of around 20 Mbps. You can stream on this, even in HD, but don’t do much else while the stream is on or you risk experiencing a buffer with whatever you’re watching.

Kill Switch

VyprVPN offers a decent kill switch, which knocks off your internet connection and stops all dataflow should your VPN connection stall, drop or become compromised.

The service does everything it can to try and combat the need to cut you off first. It rapidly switches you between servers to try and find one that works, but if it comes up dry, then your internet connection goes goodbye.

Wait a few minutes and try connecting to your VPN again, or choose a different location in another country.

Are There Browser Extensions?

As of early 2021, there are no browser extensions for VyprVPN. A few clever websites would have you believe there is by implementing that keyword into their unrelated articles, but there’s not.

As far back as 2013, customers were asking for a VyprVPN browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, but so far Golden Frog and VyprVPN haven’t come through.

If you dislike VPNs that you have to download, then perhaps look at one of the alternative VPNs we’re going to talk about later on. The alternatives all have browser extensions as well as desktop applications.

Can You Stream?

Yes, you can stream with VyprVPN, because the VPN service is incredibly clever.

One of the features involved with VyprVPN is called Chameleon 2.0. This feature lets you bypass even the most aggressive blocker, like those used by Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

If, for some reason, you’re having trouble accessing a streaming service, the VyprVPN’s service status page will probably tell you why. The page is transparent and updated regularly, always ready to announce the latest issues VyprVPN is having.

Now with that said, what can VyprVPN unblock?

Compatible Streaming Services

VyprVPN is fantastic and unblocks almost all the known streaming services, apart from Kodi.

With Netflix, there’s incredible compatibility as VyprVPN unlocks libraries in:

  • The US.
  • Japan.
  • The UK.
  • Canada.
  • Australia.

The latter is particularly wonderful, as you can access your “continue watching” list from back home, even when you’re abroad. Meanwhile, the other libraries listed are among the top-rated for quantity and quality of content.

Minor Netflix Issues

Some users had issues connecting to Netflix libraries beyond the US. This is often the case with VPNs, as the US library tends to be the most popular and therefore the most easily accessed.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re having issues, the service status page will probably know more.

Non-Netflix Streaming

Outside of Netflix, VyprVPN lets you access:

  • Hulu.
  • Disney+.
  • British servicers such as BBC iPlayer, All 4 and ITV Hub.
  • HBO Now.
  • Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is a particularly impressive unblock. That site can detect a VPN before it even attempts to load a show. Plus, it doesn’t work with some of the craftiest VPNs on the market.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to take out an Amazon Prime UK or US subscription to access their respective libraries. It’s a small price to pay for a whole other streaming service, though, even without the additional Prime perks that won’t impact you based on your location.

Can You Torrent?

VyprVPN allows torrenting and won’t stop you if it detects such actions. However, VyprVPN “used” to have a habit of locking accounts for DMCA violations, which tells you something about what you should and shouldn’t be doing online.

Torrenting isn’t technically legal. It violates copyright laws worldwide, despite some countries being slightly more lenient. We don’t wish to encourage torrenting, but we wouldn’t like to see you arrested or dinged for DMCA violations either so yes, always use your VPN when torrenting.

Some avid torrenters still advise against using VyprVPN to torrent, though, based on the old protocols from when the company kept logs, pre-2018.

More recent feedback still states the company no longer gets involved if you’re torrenting, though. Your ISP won’t know what you’re up to, and neither will your VPN provider.

Has VyprVPN Released a Statement on Torrenting?

VyprVPN and Golden Frog released a statement on torrenting, outright stating the company doesn’t prohibit the activity, but doesn’t encourage it.

The statement encourages users to stay in line with their regional copyright laws but doesn’t act too forcefully.

Even after this statement, some users claim they received emails of their VyprVPN accounts being frozen or locked after torrenting.

Simultaneous VPN Connections: Possible?

With VyprVPN you can connect on up to five devices at once. This is excellent for if you’re streaming something on Netflix on your laptop, but want to browse the internet protected on your phone while watching.

Meanwhile, your family could be in the next room watching Netflix on another computer, with two parties browsing on their phones or tablets, too.

The best part is, VyprVPN for iOS and Windows are almost identical and both have advanced protocols and features such as Chameleon 2.0, so you’re always protected, always getting what you pay for.

Is There a Free Trial?

There’s no real free trial with VyprVPN, but there’s a small window you can treat like one.

When you sign up and subscribe, you input your payment details immediately. Despite this, you aren’t actually charged for three days. You could treat this as something of a free trial, and you’re never out a cent.

If you don’t cancel within that three-day window, don’t worry. You have 27 more days to cancel your subscription and get your money back, no questions asked. 

This 27 is in addition to the three days of no charge, so you have a total of 30 days to cancel your subscription without losing money.

How Much Does VyprVPN Cost?

Keep in mind, the prices below are in USD as this is the currency most widely stated for VPNs. The prices listed for the alternatives, later on, are also in USD.

Three Year Plan

Around the holidays, at least the 2020–early 2021 holiday period, VyprVPN put out an irresistible 36-month plan. At only $60, you could get three years of VyprVPN, saving you 87 percent. 

The monthly cost of the VPN boils down to $1.66 a month.

It’s unclear whether this plan will make a return for the 2021–early 2022 holiday season, or the holiday seasons in years after that, but if it does then consider purchasing the VPN during these times if you’re skeptical. 

Two Year Plan

Instead of the three-year plan, VyprVPN usually has a plan costing $2.50 a month, paid upfront at $60.

Once you reach the end of the two years, your price more than doubles—but it’s still a far better value than the monthly plan we’ll be discussing soon.

One Year Plan

If you’re not ready to commit to two years with a single VPN service, don’t worry. You can also pay for a year instead and renew that way.

The one-year plan is designed to save you 71 percent on your subscription as opposed to a monthly plan. It’s billed upfront at $45 a year, boiling down to a cost of $3.75 a month.

This plan doesn’t have the most value, so if you’re going for savings, we recommend the two-year plan.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription has by far the least value in it. The VPN costs $12.95 a month, which is pricier than many other VPNs on the market. 

The average cost of a VPN per month in the industry is around $10, with some people stretching this calculation to $10–$13. VyprVPN is on the upper end of that scale, but a few individuals feel it doesn’t really warrant the price.

For example, VyprVPN doesn’t offer ad block or malware protection as a part of any of its packages, where this is present in some more cost-effective VPNs. 

Is It Worth It?

You could argue that the multiple security methods and the Chameleon 2.0 technology warrants this higher price, which is fair—it’s up to you to decide what value you see in VyprVPN.

Still, if you’re going to subscribe, we recommend you get one of the yearly+ plans and save yourself some money.

VyprVPN: Summary

VyprVPN is an excellent VPN with some minor faults, mainly around the price and speeds. The speeds are slower than some VPNs and in some cases slower than average, but they’re not bad by any means.

Pricing-wise it’s incredibly fair if you buy yearly or less frequently, but the monthly plan isn’t the best value in our opinion. That said, we wouldn’t shy against recommending this VPN to someone looking for security, decent speed and reliability.

It may not be the best VPN for torrenting based on the mixed reviews, but if you don’t care about that then you should at least give this VPN a shot, or put it in the running if you’re choosing between multiple providers.

VyprVPN may not be for everyone though, so we’re quick to offer some alternatives you might prefer over this service.

Alternatives to VyprVPN

VyprVPN may not be for everyone, and that’s fine. Below are two popular VPNs you may like instead.

NordVPN—Highly Popular

NordVPN is a more popular choice which you may prefer over the lesser-known VyprVPN.


NordVPN is decently fast and great at unblocking the most popular streaming services. Hulu and Netflix are the two services it works best with.

They work in most of the 59 countries there are servers in; there are also over 5,000 servers you can select from.

You can also avail of additional features like a static, personal IP address if you require one. 

NordVPN works as a browser extension or a desktop application.


NordVPN isn’t the cheapest VPN in the world, but the plan is incredibly reasonable. Its one and two-year plans are $59 and $89 respectively, although the latter is the best value.

At these prices, it boils down to $3.71 a month for two years and $4.39 for one.

Hotspot Shield—Best Speeds

If you want the best speeds on the market, Hotspot Shield is for you. It doesn’t have the best security, be warned, but if speed is your deal it’s the one to beat.

While it’s pricer than the VyprVPN, it does offer that advanced speed and a few features such as spam call blocking and password management. That’s not something to turn your head at if you’re interested in value.


Hotspot Shield works wonderfully with Netflix, unblocking libraries in the US, UK and Australia—so if you’re abroad you can still access Australian Netflix.

On top of that, it works with most of the other major streaming services, too. 

Besides the speeds, there aren’t any particularly wonderful features, they’re basic at best. The service is also incredibly pricey compared to most others.

This is one to pick if you’re fully committed to speed, and that’s your only concern. Speed is often the primary concern of people who use VPNs for streaming, and streaming only.


Hotspot Shield starts free and has two premium plans. The first premium plan is $7.99 a month if you avail of the annual payment plan, but you can upgrade to the family premium at $11.99 a month.

There’s no difference between the two premiums, other than that the family plan lets you connect to 25 devices and the regular premium only allows five.

However, both of these offer some great features that the free plan lacks. For one, malware protection, password management and spam call blocking.

Surfshark—Best Semi-Cheap VPN Service

Are the services above too pricey for you? Then you may wish to check out Surfshark VPN. It’s fast and reliable most of the time, and all issues you’ll experience are short-lived.


Surfshark is nothing fancy. However, the encryption is high-quality in the browser and on the downloadable desktop software. It also offers a vast array of secure location connections worldwide, for easy browsing and streaming.

This VPN unblocks all geoblocked basic websites and almost all the major streaming services, excluding Amazon Prime Video. Streaming is seamless, with decent speeds. Even connecting to a country half a world away, you maintain close to your regular browsing connection.

Although it occasionally fails, and suddenly you’re struggling to get by on under 10 Mbps. If that happens, disconnecting and changing servers usually works to fix it. Restarting the VPN can also help. This isn’t ideal in public, but it’s okay for home use, especially with how quickly the issues fix themselves.


First thing’s first, Surfshark may be a cheap VPN but it’s not as fantastic as VyprVPN pricing-wise if you choose the three-year plan with VyprVPN. However, Surfshark’s two-year plan is better value than VyprVPN’s one-year.

Surfshark is a total budget VPN, but it doesn’t have budget features. It’s quite fair and first-time users get considerable discounts—you start off getting two years at an 81 percent markdown.

This starter plan is only a little over $59 for two years, which boils down to a cost of less than $3 a month. Sometimes they even do special deals, offering an additional two months totally free.

There are two other plans for Surfshark as well, one being $12.95 billed monthly and the other at $6.49 per month, but this is billed every 6 months in a lump sum of $38.94.

VyprVPN and The Alternatives: The Bottom Line

VyprVPN isn’t the worst VPN in the world, nor is it the best. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone, and we’d certainly choose it over some VPNs we reviewed in the past—VyprVPN, Australia! It’s one of the good ones.

The three top alternatives are also excellent if you dislike VyprVPN, and no matter what you choose, you’re getting an excellent connection that will work for basic security, streaming and browsing.